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At the forefront of Adventures Lab is a S.W.A.T. team of experts with many years of practical experience in building and developing international digital businesses.

SWAT team members contribute to your product and infrastructure development, establish business process, and help to recruitment and educate your team. Along with other aspects leading to success of our portfolio companies

Software Engineering

Our engineering team сonsists of experienced Back-end, Front-end, Mobile developers, System Administrators and Quality Assurance managers. They are able to create user-friendly and efficient software solutions which can be applicable in collaboration with our portfolio companies.


Design is more than just a visual style, logo or website. Our team of UI/UX designers can make any product or service tangible and understandable for the end-user, helping portfolio companies, both with the production of prototypes and designs for a wide range of tasks, and with the development of UX, user interaction strategies or creating a branding concept.


Adventures Lab S.W.A.T. team brings together the best marketing professionals (Affiliate Marketing, Media Buying, SEO, SMM, etc) to assist our portfolio companies with strategic, tactical, and operational activities. They help them to plan, carry out, and optimize efficacious advertising campaigns.

Business Development

Our Business Development and Sales team help our portfolio companies to develop, efficient sales processes and implement tools to scale up businesses. It empowers them with a significant advantage and allows to expand their business on a competitive market.


Success of young businesses often depends on media promotion campaigns, as well as the clarity of their brand communication. Our PR team advises and supports portfolio companies in a number of important directions: starting from copywriting and public relations to the development and communication strategy implementation.


The long-term success of business depends on a strong team. Our HR and Talent Acquisition teams help CEOs of our portfolio companies to attract, train and retain top-professional on the market. Meanwhile, our Legal team enforces the corporate legal interests of portfolio companies, helping to draw up numerous contracts and advising on a wide range of legal issues.


Due to our considerable experience in investment field and direct contact with hundreds of angel investors around the world we can significantly accelerate the fundraising process for our portfolio companies. Along with founders we are engaged in the investments attracting process at all stages: development of presentation concept, financial estimates and a comprehensive vision of the project growth, as interested in the company’s further success.

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