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Do you know great startup or team working on a perspective product? Do you want to help them to take business to a greater level?

Help us to know about each other!
Referral program Adventures Lab guarantees remuneration for every recommended project which we will invest in.

Get 5000$ for a recommendation!
Get 5000$ for a recommendation!

How does it work?


You recommend a startup

Use an application form to tell us about the project / team, who you consider to be a good fit for Adventures Lab.


We evaluate the project

We consider in details recommended startup. Meet the team and negotiate investment terms.


We invest - you earn.

As soon as the agreement is settled between partners, you get 5000$ or convert them in a share of the project and become and investor with us.

Get 5000$ for a recommendation!

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  • Adventures Lab Partner is an individual / legal entity who took part in a referral program and recommended us a startup.
  • A recommendation is a project which we have not previously been familiar, or have not negotiated over the past 6 months.
  • In case of recommendation of the same project from two different partners, the commission is received by the one who sent the project first.
  • A recommendation is considered valid only if the partner who recommended the project is personally acquainted with its executive and can organize our meeting without third parties.
  • An agreement (investment) is considered to be settled upon the transfer of the investment amount to the account of the invested company, and / or our public announcement of the agreement.
  • If a partner wants to convert a cash commission ($ 5000) into an investment in a startup recommended by him/her, such a desire should be written by him (by email) no later than 30 days before the agreement is settled. Otherwise, he will be paid a cash commission.
  • The partner can obtain the investment in the project recommended by him/her only on conditions of mutual consent of Adventures Lab and founders of the invested project.
  • The conversion of the partner’s commission in the investment (share) in the recommended project is drawn up according to the conditions of the current round of investments.
  • The partner commission is paid within 30 days from the date of the investment and / or our public announcement of the agreement.

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