Vision. Mission. Values


We respect honesty and consider it to be the ultimate road to success. We don't pretend to be different from our true selves and expect founders to stick to the same approach.


Our vision
People first. Money second. Execution - always


Our mission — To help talented entrepreneurs turn MVPs into successful international businesses.

Our Values

Brevity. Clarity. Precision.

Any thought or project can be presented in 1 page or during 15 minutes pitch. We believe that the ability to express your thoughts clearly is one of the keys to success.

NO to ideas. YES to expertise.

We don't invest in ideas but an expertise of the founder: his/her knowledge, practical experience, and professional contacts in the relevant business field.

Revenue is a key KPI

We evaluate every business by its potential to generate revenue. And its founder - in the on the ability to find new sources of revenue and maintain its growth.


We welcome bold ideas and unconventional approach to problem-solving

Data-driven decisions

We believe that every business decision can be momentous. Therefore we process a lot of data to maximize the number of best reasonable solutions.

Act now. Panic never.

We focus on solutions, not problems. Therefore, we do not let emotions take over clear judgement and do not look for guilty ones . We tackle issues head on to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Practical working style

We are ready to work with different portfolio companies. Our style is informal but pragmatic. We are tolerant about mistakes but intolerant about poor execution.

No assholes rule

Life is too short to work with fake and untrustworthy partners.

We share own experience

We are open to new experiences, continuous learning and eager to share acquired knowledge with our portfolio companies, team members and whole world

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